Westinghouse Generator Reviews

Westinghouse Generator

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Westinghouse Generator Reviews

If you are looking for supreme quality generators to buy this season to be prepared for power shortages or simply a portable solution for your electricity needs, there are several top brands that you can consider to buy from. Westinghouse definitely tops the list for best portable generators in 2022 and are perfect generators for any home.

Westinghouse generator reviews highlight that these products are top ranking in the global tech market and there are multiple reasons that contribute to the popularity of these products, for instance, electrical supply, wattage, voltage and power, price range and liquid pumps.

In this review ahead, we not only talk about the amazing Westinghouse brand that is offering high-end and superior quality generators but also reveal the top portable Westinghouse generators that are destined to do the job well enough for you and are worthy of an investment.

About Westinghouse

Westinghouse is an electric appliances manufacturer company that was established in 1965. It has been successively operating ever since and offering top quality electrical and other energy powered products to their customers.

This manufacturing company is centrally based in the United States of America but sells its supreme quality products all over the world. Westinghouse incorporates all latest state-of-art technology to produce a wonderful array of high-end super powered products.


There are many highlightable features of Westinghouse generators that make it a promising product. The following is a brief overview of all the essential features that make Westinghouse generators a top choice for customers at the present time.

  1. Generators by Westinghouse come with dual fuel support. This means they are not only powered by electric support but are also gas powered i.e. by gas and propane liquid fuel as well.
  2. These portable generators promise ease of transport and increased portability with lighter weight. This is, of course, a prominent feature for all Westinghouse generators.
  3. Noise is a big problem for most of the generators. However, with the various Westinghouse generator models, you no longer have to worry about loud noise because the generator makes sure to function very quietly without creating any noise disturbances. This is the biggest highlight of this brand and a major reason why Westinghouse products are such a popular choice for customers in the present times.

Top generators by Westinghouse

The main purpose of a high-end, portable generator is that it provide electricity anywhere and at the same time be strong enough to produce enough wattage to meet your needs. These types of generators are meant to be portable, so are not as large as a whole house generator. The following are the top generators by Westinghouse.

Westinghouse Outdoor WGen9500DF Dual Fuel Portable Generator Review

Westinghouse Outdoor WGen9500DF

This Westinghouse duel fuel generator is truly a beast, and the very best that Westinghouse has to offer. At a watt rating of 9500 and a peak of 12,500 watts while running on gas, it’s capable of running your entire home for as long as it has fuel.

On the other hand, when this model is using propane as its fuel source, the wattage drops to 11200 peak watts which is still impressive and more than most people will need.

And speaking of fuel, this generator like most bigger ones that Westinghouse offers, runs on both gasoline AND propane. This means you’ll have two options when it comes to fuel, so if you find propane a problem to have on hand, then gasoline is also fine. This is built for the eco-aware as well as for the rest of us.

This model also includes two ways to start the generator. The first is with an electric starter, so starting this is as easy as pushing a button rather than pulling a hundred times on a pull cord. But of course that’s also an option just in case you don’t have enough batter power left to use the electric starter. Having both options in an emergency situation is important. And I am happy that Westinghouse includes both options.

And as an added bonus, there is even a remote key fob for this. So you can literally have it close by set up in a shed and easily point it out your window and have the generator start without ever leaving your home. Perfect if you’re in a hurricane and don’t want to walk outside to start your generator! Or you’d worried about safety.

This, as are all of Westinghouse generators, is CARB compliant. That means it passes all tests and can be bought, sold and used in the state of California.

Westinghouse 8KPRO

Westinghouse 8KPro Generator

This Westinghouse generator comes with a varying wattage battery that varies in power from 8K watts to 10K watts. The battery of this generator is supreme and runs with at least 19 percent reduced energy consumption compared to other brands.

A highlight feature of this generator is that it comes with easy to use, one push functionality buttons. This obviously facilitates the customers and makes the use of the generator much easier.

Moreover, this product is very reasonably priced and affordable for the customers. In addition to the reasonable price, this generator comes with a long term 3-year user product warranty which ensures the security of your investment in the product for a long period of time.


  • A prominent highlight of this Westinghouse generator is that it comes with a complete and step-by-step well-illustrated user manual. This instruction leaflet offers complete guidance to the users and is particularly helpful for first-time users.
  • This generator comes with an easy one push start electric button. This only makes using the generator more easily for the users who no longer have to deal with constantly trying to pull the cord to switch the generator on. Single push electric start up button definitely makes using the generator much easier for the users.
  • The overall features of the generator all collectively indicate towards great functionality for the product. This is an overall benefit that cannot be overseen because it promises super functionality without any interruptions.


  • The first major letdown for this portable Westinghouse generator is that it does not come with a decently sized fuel drainage valve. As a result of a shrunk and tiny fuel drainage valve, the overall effectiveness of generator performance is adversely affected as well.
  • Important accessories that should be included with the generator are not part of the deal. So if you buy the generator you will have to separately pay for all required accessories to ensure that the generator works seamlessly.
Westinghouse WH2200iXLT

Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Generator

This generator by Westinghouse is definitely a superior choice for those users who want something super quiet and highly portable. This product is solid and reliable, and is manufactured using high quality construction.

This generator is lightweight coming in at 46.3 pounds which contributes to the portability and easy transportation of the product. The peak wattage is 2200 and it’s rated at 1800 watts. This generator also includes 2 120v amp outlets and can handle 2 appliances at the same time. At less than $500, this is a great affordable option for a well built portable generator.


  • This generator by Westinghouse is very moderately priced. The affordable price range for the product is definitely the first highlight for the product.
  • If you complain about your other or older generator making too much noise and creating sound disturbances in the surroundings then this generator is bound to make you very happy in the long run as this model boast decibels as low as 52 dBA which is very quiet compared to other brands.
  • This generator is very energy and power efficient. It utilizes almost 3 times less energy in comparison to other competitor products.
  • Small enough to take anywhere and is one of the best camping generators available.
  • EPA and CARB Compliant!


  • This product does not come with a long-term warranty. Lack of warranty is, of course, a serious letdown for the customers because people generally want their generators to come with a long time period product warranty.
  • This model only runs on gasoline. So if you need a propane generator, this is not the one to get.

Final Verdict

There are a few basic things that everybody looks for when buying a high quality electric generator. Westinghouse generators are definitely trending this summer because of the promise supreme functionality, high quality appearance, and longer durability. In the comprehensive review above, we have talked about everything that is worth mentioning about high-end Westinghouse generators.

We have also made sure to include a buyer’s guide and highlighted the essential features that make Westinghouse generators such a superior choice for users. By taking a look at the review of each product, it will become pretty obvious to all that Westinghouse delivers in terms of quality and functionality as promised.

At the end of the day, we hope that people will be able to enjoy a great product by making the right buyer’s decision using our Westinghouse generator reviews.

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