Types of Generators for Homes

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Types of Generators for Homes

Generators are quite common part of households nowadays. People keep them at their home to avoid power outages and commercial units install them to ensure continuity in their operations. If you do not have any generator of your own and you want to buy one, then you have to select the right type of generator with suits your requirements in the best possible ways.

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We have brought you some major types of generators which you can choose from.

1. Portable Residential Generators:

The most preferable type of generator when it comes to providing the best domestic power backup. It helps you to run your appliances (TV, fridge, freezer, computer, pump, lights etc.) without any discontinuity. You can use them to power your sheds and gardens as well. This type of generators are fueled with the gasoline mainly with few exceptions including the petrol and natural gas based generators.Read Best Portable Generator Reviews On Generatorsideas.com

2. Portable Recreational Generators:

These generators run only on the gasoline and nothing else. It works on the inverter technology which makes these generators quite and office friendly. It supports the recreational activities and provides uninterrupted electricity supply to the computers.

3. Portable construction and industrial generator:

These generators must be your first choice if your need is based on the industrial or commercial use. Three phase diesel models and one phase diesel and gasoline models are easily available in market. The power output vary immensely with the lowest power being 60Hz for general tools and the highest being 180Hz for high power consuming machinery.

4. Mobile Towable Generators:

These generators function on the diesel fuel with a great transferability value. Although heavy in size, these generators are towable and can be transported from one site to the other. The voltage provided by these generators is variable and can be set to different level for several tasks. Although single voltage models are also available for one specific use.Get Best Generac generator

5. Standby Generators:

These generators are one of the most popular types of generators among both domestic and business sector. These generators have an automatic turn on procedure called “the transfer switch”. This switch has the ability to immediately transfer the load of your appliances from the main source to itself, once the power outage happens.

6. PTO Generators:

These generators can be attached to your tractors for making a portable use of power throughout your farm.

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