Generac GP2200i Review

Generac GP2200i

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Generac GP2200i 2200 Watt Generator Review

The name Generac has been known for quality and reliability since 1959. They have been creating a plethora of great back up devices ranging in many different styles and sizes. Generac has everything from industrial sized all the way down to hand held generators.

And that’s exactly what this GP2200i model is, a great hand held generator that is quiet and super portable. So read on to see how it performs in our tests.

How Does It Perform?

Generac 7117 is a highly admirable generator that is specifically meant for those who love going for outdoor activities like camping, trekking, hiking, and fishing. This portable Generac generator is really something anyone can rely upon especially when you are planning to go out.

Most of the generator users prefer to enjoy a quiet and silent generator when they are on a healthy outdoor activity. Generic 7117 fulfill this desire of the users. It is a quiet and silent way of powering your electrical appliances.

Once you have filled the tank completely it can handle 25% weight by running for a total of 10.75 hours. The fuel consumption reaches the maximum level when it is being operated in the economy mode. It is also accompanied with a parallel capability. Thus, it is possible to use and connect two units at the same time.  

This parallel capability ensures maximum power to run your cell phone, RV, lights and even your air cooling system.

It fulfills all the conditions of being the portable. It is fitted with an easy to hold handle that can let you drag the generator wherever and whenever you like.

For a vigilant buyer, it has all the satisfying features coming with it. The user does not need to learn any complicated operations to work with this. Once out of the box it is very satisfying. It won’t need much time to assemble it and then proceed with its functions. Keep the oil level at the appropriate level and forget about any power failure.

If you want the things to work out in a smooth manner then you would not stop yourself from admiring its Truepower technology. It is how it deals successfully in dealing with the highly sensitive electronics. If you want a smooth and silent working without any botheration then this Generac 7117 is the real delight for you. It can give you the best performance without challenging your patience.

The portability is also highly admirable. With an easy to handle adjustable handle you can drag it anywhere you like. The manufacturers have added all the features that make it a really great power station to buy for your regular use. It can suit all the domestic and commercial purposes very successfully. Pros

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GP2200i Parallel Kit

What can be better than the GP2200i, how about two! This unit comes with a parallel adapter which means you can run 2 generators at the same time to produce twice the amount of electricity. This can come in really handy if you want small, quiet generators that can be handled easily, yet need something that can run your home’s appliances in an emergency situation.

This solution would be perfect for someone who is not strong enough to “man handle” a full on large generator.

GP2200i Parallel Kit
  • Can handle 25 percent load for up to75 runtimes.
  • Can have more power by allowing connection with two inverters through a parallel ready unit.
  • User-friendly installation and usage.


  • Parallel kit not included in the kit.

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