How to Use Portable Generators Safely

Portable power generators provide you energy can power supply and they keep your equipment running even when there is a power outage. Make sure that the portable generator you are using should be installed properly and it should be operated properly so that you can prevent many types of health and safety risks associated with them. So in this article, we are going to tell you how to use portable generators safely without the problem? Let’s discuss the topic in detail.You can use best portable generator safely

Stock up your Oil and Filters          

If you are using a new power generator then it is necessary to change the first oil immediately using it after 25 hours. It is necessary to dump the old oil and also refill it after using for 50 to 60 hours. So it is necessary then you should have a proper stock of filter and factory oil that can last for a few days and it is very difficult to run in the town to search for the suitable oil when there is a power outage during a storm.

Chill out your Portable Power Generator before refilling it

The fuel tank of the power generator is on the top of the engine and it becomes easy to refill them. The setup can be a big disaster if you try to refill the tank when the generator is extremely hot. Just think to refill the tank when it is hot and you are standing near with a fuel tank in your hands. There are a lot of people who experience severe accidents when thy commit such mistake. So you can survive 15 minutes without power or electricity. Make sure to let it cool before you refill it with fuel.

It will cost you a lot when there is Gas shortage

There are many low cost models that can cost you a lot when there are running out of gas. Before they stop everything they keep on generating power. Due to electric load the magnetic field is drained out of the coils of the generators. When you will restart the generator it will run fine but it will not produce power. So you have to take it to the repair shop where you have to spend some dollars to reenergize the coils. So it is necessary to keep your tank filled and also remove the entire load before shutting it down.

Old Fuel will Damage your Generator

The first cause a generating starts creating problems is the old fuel. There are many manufacturers who advise to add fuel stabilizers in the gas so that fuel breakdown can be minimized. So the repair shops always recommend emptying the carburetor and tank once the power outage is gone and storm is stopped. So before draining the oil it is recommended to let your generator cool for more than 15 minutes. Run your generator until it is out of the gas. It is recommended always use stabilized and fresh fuel to your generator.

Make sure to sore the gasoline safely and also use heavy duty cords.