What are The Types of Portable Generators?

No matter in which Part of the country you are living but it is a fact that any of us can experience the power outage. It can be due to severe weather conditions especially in the month of summer when there are a lot of rains so for all the industries and household it is important to secure a reliable power backup. There are many types of power generators and they are with different specifications which are suitable for small as well as for large businesses. So in this article, we are going to discuss what are types of portable generators? Let’s discuss the topic in detail.This is the best post posted on Best Portable Generator

What are The Types of Portable Generators?

What are The Types of Portable Generators

The Gasoline Portable Power Generators

Among all of the available options, the gasoline portable generators are the most common and primary to use. The reason is the gasoline is frequently available and these generators are very economical to operate because their price is very low. Sometimes during the power outage, the gasoline is unavailable because an electric pump is required to fill the gas in the tank. These are available in all sizes and they are ideal for portable models. The disadvantage is that gasoline is highly flammable. If you want to store gasoline then you can store it less than one year. The price of gasoline is slightly higher than propane and diesel. In colder temperatures, it is very difficult to start them.

The Diesel Fuel Portable Power Generators

Among all the fuel resources, diesel portable power generators are very low flammable. Diesel is also readily available same like gasoline. The lifespan of such engines is very long they can work more efficiently also if they are used more rigorously. The main thing that you have to consider is to maintain them properly. It is said that they are very affordable and economical to use. There are many states that allow the farmers and other users to purchase diesel at reduced cost so their demand is very high there. In some countries due to environmental concerns, the usage of these engines is allowed for few hours. The problem with them is that the moisture in the fuel can ruin the machinery and if you have to operate then in a wet environment then they are not suitable.

The Bio Diesel Portable Power Generators

Biodiesel is made with a diesel and the mixture of other biological resources such as animal fat and vegetable oil. The pros and cons of this portable power generator are same like the two discussed above but the only advantage is that they have a lot of environmental benefits. Biodiesel uses non-renewable energy such as fossil fuel and it burns with fewer emissions and wastage is also very low. These engines are very environment-friendly as compared to diesel and gasoline generators. You can store biodiesel for more than two years and these are also less noisy. It is difficult to pump them in power outage so they availability can be less.

Other types of portable power generators are emulsified diesel, propane gas and natural gas power generators.